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The very talented owner, Michelle, creates divine scents from her candle making hideaway and she hand-pours each candle and wax melt . She spent twelve months optimising the candles for burn and fragrance longevity before opening offering them for sale. All products are made from 100% soy wax and even the fragrances are vegan. Michelle wants the fragrances to resonate with her customers to put them in a “good place” when they light it, so they can feel relaxed and re-energised.

Being environmentally responsible is another one of Michelle's key values. Where-ever possible the products and packaging are either recycled, recyclable, bio-degradable or re-usable.

Chalk and Cheese Candles are a wonderful addition to the Secrets from the Shires range, and the scents are so wonderful to unwind to. The perfect pairing to a liqueur and a bar of chocolate. There is a scent for all whether that may be the fragrant Sweet Jasmine to help you unwind after a busy day, or the aromatic Parma Violet that will take you back to a memory of your childhood with one deep breath.

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