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Emma grew up in the Welsh Valleys in a tiny house full of stories, magic and pets. She adores animals, nature and all things spiritual, and frequently combines all three in her writing.

She is a sustainability advisor by profession, specialising in communication, so her writing is heavily influenced by her desire to protect the natural world and encourage others to do the same.

Emma lives in Berkshire with her lovely husband, and, until recently, two elderly dogs and a geriatric black cat. 


Ethereal began as a short story for a creative writing evening class in Windsor, way back in 2009. It was called ‘The latecomer’ and it was her first introduction to Storm, the ex-witch and medium who had mysteriously lost her magic and her connection to spirit.

Emma has written many short stories over the years, but this one not only stayed with her, it grew, character by character, into what she believed could be a novel. She's wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember, but like a lot of people, life and work came between her and her dream.

That all changed when life threw her a bucket full of lemons a few years ago. Traumatised and thoroughly battered by the experiences, Emma eventually decided that dreams were way too precious to postpone. She had no idea if she could even finish writing a whole novel, but succeed or fail, she knew she had to at least try. The First Ethereal is the result. 



I was first introduced to the beautiful 'First Ethereal Book' by another small business owner. She raved about it so I felt I had to experience the magic of the book as well. I was not disappointed! If you love a bit of modern day life mixed with magic and dreams this is the book for you! Emma has also been the loveliest of author's to speak to and she has bent over backwards to make sure I keep on top of my stock of books, AND she also makes sure they are signed just for our lovely customers. If you'd like to see a review of the book and other books please do join our facebook club, Quiet Moments Online Book Club

If you would like to order The First Ethereal along with a delicious bar of chocolate please click here

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