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Franklin & Delilah started out in 2011 as friends who loved to upcycle, make & craft. All of their cards and tags are individually handcrafted and so beautifully presented. Many are one of a kind. 

We were delighted to find the fantastic handiwork of Franklin & Delilah in a local shop selling small business products. After many weeks and months of trawling the internet and meeting craftspeople at local events, we couldn't quite find the right product to match our gift boxes. We needed a bookmark to match our 'unique' style. After finding the exquisite handmade tags, we immediately started to make plans with Franklin & Delilah for our very own commissioned bookmarks. We are pleased to say these bookmarks are now included with every Quiet Moments Book Box. Due to the handmade nature of these bookmarks we are certain you will never receive the same one!

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