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Honey & Rose started up in West Berkshire in 2016. It is a small, organically grown business that prides itself on natural but affordable skincare that can be tailor made to suit your individual preferences. 


With a particular interest in eczema and psoriasis skin conditions, they are constantly looking at new plant based, natural ingredients and their benefits to dry skin conditions. 

Having met Sue at a couple of fetes and then being recommended her hand creams from a number of people over the year, we just had to get Honey & Rose in our boxes. With such a lovely range available we are never short of a cream, soap, or bath soak. 


All Honey & Rose's products are tested by a chartered chemist and comply with EU and UK cosmetic laws. Honey & Rose products are not tested on animals. 

Sue Armstrong-Follows (RMN/RGN), the owner of Honey & Rose, is a registered nurse and has personal experience of living with Psoriasis.

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