House Of Bubbles

House of Bubbles advertise the fact that they have 'created a new spin on the ordinary bar of soap.' Everyday is deserving of a little “me-time” and with their fabulous scents, they can help you enjoy it just a little more.


House of Bubbles were recommended to me by a local, professional and experienced dance teacher who raves about the wonderful scents and relaxing qualities of the soaps. They are a 'must' in her bathrooms and therefore I was pleased to receive the samples from House of Bubbles. Not only are the fragrances of each of the soaps so beautifully aromatic, but the concoction of scents that goes into each of the bars to create such a unique smell is fascinating. We were over the moon when they also offered to create our very own 'Secrets from the Shires' book shaped and themed soaps. The perfect addition to our new range of book boxes.  They have been so popular that we also now offer a gift bag containing the four 'book shaped' soaps. We can't wait to see what else they may create as our gift range expands. 

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