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Twhites has been a dream of Tracey's for as long as she has known, and in 2020 she decided to make owning her own business a reality.  

Tracey makes wax melts, scent sachets and diffusers from her home in Warfield, Berkshire.  Every melt, scent sachet and diffuser is hand-made with love, by Tracey. 

Tracey loves everything homely and believes a scent can evoke so many memories and change your mood. When she said she loved popping on a melt and getting cosy under a blanket with a nice cup of tea, a film and a bit of chocolate we knew she would be the perfect addition to Secrets from the Shires. After receiving a sample package of Twhites products, we decided to go for the unique Luxury Scented Sachets to add to our boxes. These sachets give hour of divine scents and are perfect to hang up anywhere in your home or in your car.



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