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Book Review by Liz Harding

Wool by Hugh Howey

This book is a really good read, if you like dystopian fiction then you will love this book.

The book is based in a world where nothing can survive in the air outside so everyone lives in massive silos built miles and miles underground. The only views of the outside are on grainy screens where the cameras showing the outside world get cleaned by those who break the rules.

Each silo has no idea there are others within walking distance of each other. But when they find out that's when it gets interesting

The book has many plot twists and moments where your heart stops and you find yourself saying the word no to the story unfolding. It is full of lies, murder and death but also love, life and truth. It really does grip you from the beginning, dashing all hope of a good ending but as the story unfolds hope blooms and the last few chapters especially make you desperate to read more. I would definitely recommend this book and am looking forward to reading the next two books in the trilogy 😀

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