Historical Fiction Quiet Moments Book Box Gift

The Historical Fiction Book Box includes: 📚Book📚Dark Raspberry Chocolate 📚Tropical Coconut Twist tealights📚 5cl Damson Vodka 📚Blind Faith soap 📚Handmade bookmark

Enjoy an evening immersing yourself in a book recommended by the Hungerford Bookshop, whilst sipping a tipple of Wiltshire Liqueurs, enjoying a nibble of Tilly’s Treats Chocolates and unwinding to the scent of Chalk and Cheese Candles. The box also includes a delightful House of Bubbles soap in the shape of a book, and a beautifully designed handmade bookmark. We are here to support local businesses and will provide only the best, tried and tested by Secrets from the Shires.  

Price includes a book, a 5cl Wiltshire Liqueur, a Tilly’s Treats Chocolate, a pack of tealights, a handmade soap, a handmade bookmark, and postage costs. Please note the gift boxes will have different texts in each month. If you have a particular request please message us directly.

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