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What do you know about the human body’s amazing sense of smell?

What is your favourite scent to unwind to?

Today we will be looking at the fabulous scents of Chalk and Cheese Candles and Wax Melts. These wonderful fragrances are created locally by the talented Michelle.

Pop back today for more information on Chalk & Cheese and to help us decide on the next scent to add to our gift bags and boxes! Of course there will be a little prize involved too.

It’s time for elevenses!

Which scent do you enjoy relaxing with? Do you prefer a different scents in the day to in the evening? Grab a delightfully scented coffee to read our following interesting facts:


🕯 The average person can smell one trillion scents!

🕯There are seven main smells

🕯Your nose can get tired and stop working for a while

🕯Perfume smells different on different people

🕯We can’t smell things when we sleep

🕯 It takes 1,600,000 rose blossoms to create 1KG of rose oil

🕯Some people only receive bad smells

🕯We can smell before we are born

A little more in depth information on interesting smell facts.....

🕯’Women have a stronger sense of smell than men.’

The battle of the sexes rages on, but one category has a clear winner: tests have found that women have a more developed sense of smell than men, and are capable of identifying a greater number of different odours. This is thanks to women’s orbital prefrontal region of the brain, which is more developed than their male counterpart’s.

🕯’It’s possible to smell feelings.’

Amazingly, our sense of smell is so developed it has been discovered that we can smell fear, disgust, happiness and even sexual arousal on other people. A 2012 study found that smell signals exist in our sweat, helping others empathise with us when we’re experiencing certain emotions.

🕯’Our sense of smell peaks in our teens.’

Around 18 or 19 is when our sense of smell is at its peak. After this age, our sense of smell gradually declines.

🕯’We can smell more in the warmer months.’

Thanks to the additional moisture in the air during the spring and summer months, it is easier to identify different smells than during autumn and winter. Furthermore, our sense of smell improves after exercise, which many of us are more likely to do during the longer, warmer days of spring and summer.

🕯’Smells during pregnancy’

When pregnant, a woman’s sense of smell becomes heightened and hypersensitive. It’s thought that this heightened sense of smell could be the reason behind the strange food cravings of pregnant women.

‘Smell is our most memorable sense’

🕯It has been discovered that we remember smells for much longer than sights, sounds, tastes and feelings. Amazingly, people can remember smells with a 65% accuracy after one year, whilst visual recall is only 50/50 after a quarter of the time.

‘Nature is an endless supply of scented and ingredients’

Fragrance oils are derived from just about everywhere in nature, from barks, blossoms and roots to seeds, fruits and leaves. No stone is left unturned in the pursuit of the most wonderful scents for perfumes and candles!

🕯’Good smells can make us feel happy’

Perhaps the least surprising fact about scent. If we smell something we find pleasant, it can have a positive effect on the mind and help to lift our mood. It’s always a good idea to have a candle or oil diffuser to hand for when we need a little pick-me-up.

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